Greenpower 1kVA Gas Generator,

$390 Inc GST"
Location - Cairns, QLD

  • Model CC1200H-LPG/NG-B,
  • Frame Mounted,
  • Recoil Start,
  • Rated Power of 700 Watts,
  • with Max. Power 800 Watts,
  • 1 kVA. (93826-7)

Brand new in box GreenPower Natural Gas / LPG power generators. Suitable for running delicate equipment, computers etc, at home, equipment that doesn't like power fluctuations. These are the perfect generators for camping, home, builders and other tradies as they run off LPG or natural gas. Take advantage of the excess stock / liquidation sale. Being gas powered they are very clean running. No stale fuel issues. No cleaning of carby’s. Just hook up your 9kg BBQ bottle and instant power. Also, perfect for a natural disaster or grid failure,


Greenpower 3.2kVA Gas Generator,

$690 Inc GST
Location - Cairns, QLD

  • Model CC2500H-LPG/NG-B-ER,
  • Frame Mounted,
  • Electric & Recoil Start,
  • Rated Power 2400 Watts,
  • Max. Power 2600 Watts,
  • 3.2 kVA. (93826-8)